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Our technology enables the connection of public and shared mobility in a single Mobility-as-a-Service app. Intermodal travel becomes an experience!


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Up to 25% of CO2 emissions are caused by traffic. 
Every car less on our roads saves 3.5 tons of CO2 per year.


CO2 optimized routing

Identify the route that’s right for you but also for our planet. With our emissions-based route planning, you’ll not only find the fastest, but also the most environmentally friendly way from A to B.

CO2 emission calculator

Determine your CO2 footprint instantly. Learn more about emissions and find out how much CO2 you can save by using alternatives to your private car. It’s not only fun, but also good for your wallet and our planet.

CO2 savings collection

Track your CO2 savings over time. Share your results with friends and family or invite them to CO2 saving-challenges. Use your CO2 savings to get discounts or donate them to plant a tree…

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