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For most European cities, public transport is the backbone of mobility. Protect it and ensure that new mobility services complement it, not cannibalize it. make urban mobility more inclusive.


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A one-stop shop to empower cities to lead the mobility transition and increase the adoption of public transport.


analyze urban mobility

Know what’s going on at all times. Monitor trends in fleet size, service usage, and number of trips and break them down by provider and vehicle type. Plan the right infrastructure, such as bike lanes, mobility hubs, and charging stations, to promote more sustainable mobility.

visualize your data

Data can be hard to read… but only if it’s not visualized. Create heat- and origin-destination maps to see where mobility is happening and where it’s actually needed. If you understand the data you can make use of it.

orchestrate mobility

Whether public or private mobility, take control of your urban space and orchestrate mobility for the greater good. Create geofenced policies, such as restricted zones, slow speed lanes or parking spaces…. temporary or permanent, you define it!

mobility app for citizens

Identify the route that’s right for you but also for our planet. With our emissions-based route planning, you’ll not only find the fastest, but also the most environmentally friendly way from A to B.

mobility packages

Make urban mobility a true intermodal experience and offer your users mobility packages/subscriptions that get them from A to B without having to worry about zones and prices. Make mobility as a service a choice and no longer just an option.

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