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An open ecosystem with data-driven solutions for orchestrating new and existing mobility, improve public transportation and redesign streets.

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Manage all your mobility needs in one place – your city, your rules!

Mobility App

With our intuitive all-in-one Mobility App, the transition form private vehicle ownership towards shared mobility has never been easier. Make Mobility as a Service the choice and no longer just an option!

Mobility Management

Make mobility inclusive, affordable and available for everyone, everywhere. You are in control! With our Mobility Manager you can monitor, analyse and orchestrate public and private mobility services.

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  • MaaS for Cities

Urbanization, congestion, climate change… MaaS has the potential to reduce CO2 emission by 3.2 tons per year per person.

Time for Cities to be in the lead!

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  • Corporate Mobility

Work from home, inflation, energy shortages, crazy vehicle delivery times… As the world becomes unpredictable, flexibility and adaptability become key!

Time to rethink Corporate Mobility!

the explanation

mobility as a service

The higher the level of integration the more useful Mobility as a Service gets. For MaaS to be useful it should at least include the finding, booking and payment of trips (level 2). In order to cover the full daily mobility needs, level 3 becomes a must. But for MaaS to be inclusive and fair - it needs to be orchestrated by cities (level 4).

The world is changing,

and so is mobility


Climate change is real

+ 1.5°C


Cities become unlivable


Big Market

MaaS in a trillion € business


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